The Powerpuff Girls Toys Mini Collectible – Powerpuff Girls Characters

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The Powerpuff Girls Toys Play Set

The Powerpuff Girls Play Sets Mojo Jojo Jewelry Store Heist Playset / Schoolyard Scramble Playset.  Collect all of the Powerpuff Girls action figures and playsets to recreate all your favorite moments from the show! Powerpuff Girls — saving the world before bedtime!

In stock (can be backordered)


The Powerpuff Girls Play Sets – Powerpuff Girls Characters

Heir to the family fortune, Princess Morbucks is the richest little girl in town, meaning she has everything except the glory and fame of being a Powerpuff Girl! The Princess Morbucks Schoolyard Scramble Playset includes an exclusive Princess Morbucks action figure, plus Townsville school playset. Open the playset up and find a classroom and schoolyard play area.
  • Each sold separately
  • This Item is Randomly Picked
  • Ages 5+

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