Peek A Boo Elmo Toys – Elmo Sesame Street Toys


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Peek A Boo Elmo Toys – Talking Elmo Toys

Peek A Boo Elmo Toys with his contagious giggle and infectious personality the sound and motion Peek a Boo Elmo recites 13 different phrases as his arms and blanket move up and down! A fun, interactive friend for a baby, this iconic character will entertain for hours as he engages little ones in a fun game of Peek a Boo, encouraging imaginative play and assisting in the development of social skills.

10 in stock


Peek A Boo Elmo Toys | Sesame Street Toys

Peek A Boo Elmo Toys with On/Off switch on foot. Includes 3 replaceable AA batteries. Attached to a colourful & informative backing card. Phrases are: Elmo loves to play Peek A Boo with you! Oh cool! Elmo can’t wait to play with you! Where are you? Peek a boo! There you are! Are you hiding from Elmo? No! There you are! Who’s red furry and loves you? Elmo! (giggle) Where are you? Elmo doesn’t see you? Oh, there you are! Elmo sees you! Elmo’s just getting warmed up baby! Peek…aboo! (giggle). Hey, who turned out the lights? Oh never mind! Elmo’s a silly monster! Guess who’s behind the blanket. It’s Elmo! (giggle) Hooray! Where are you? Oh, there you are! Right where Elmo left you! (giggle)Again! Again! Peek a bye bye! (giggle).

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